It’s pretty simple, there are two different kinds of people in life.


“Moves” 27″x 41″ on Canvas.

Fly Skelitor

” Flight ” 27″ x 41″ on Canvas.


In a relationship or not.

Democrats or not.

Wealthy or not.

Free or not.

You don’t choose to be poor, single, embolden, stupid, a child, or imprisoned.

So, in the end, the only difference is whether you choose to do anything about it and fight back.

Monsters Flying

“23 Skidoo” 24″ x 36″ on Canvas.

Flying Businessmen

“Weeeeee. . . ” 24″ x 36″ on Canvas.

In traditional Collage’, or appropriation ( as most others will call it ), it is a nice way of showing us our faults. These are all original images in the first tense which allows giving very high-quality images, as we all seem to clamor to a great amount of details visually which can never be denied in their size. It is also about 10 times harder to do when you actually do all the work as with his own original images to begin with. Computers and online screens are extremely deceptive in looking, as these are very large &  of the highest quality without grain which also aids in the illusion of presence.


” Oh, Ree Ohh. . . ” 27″ x 41″ on Canvas.

“Reruns”, 24″x36″. on canvas.

Mr. Strodl is a relatively new & upcoming American Artist at 65 years, living & residing in New York City. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts in 1978, represented in Chelsea, NYC working in the tradition of printmaking, ( Lithography, Silk-screening ) making separations & on layers is very much a part of a continuing process. Beginning with photography, then creating a mask ( cut-outs around the object ), adding imposition & end result is anything but pure photography, but a post-modern forum in high resolution for exhibition, then printed on canvas & stretched.


” Birdcages”, 27″ x 41″ on Canvas.


” We The People “, 27″ x 41” on Canvas.


“Lobiests” 27″ x 41″ on canvas.

Mr. Strodl is a recovering addict with 24 years clean, I spent 19 years without a camera while recovering after having giving up. So he exploded somewhat after, only to become a cancer survivor who sees the tragic necessities of life. He tries not to play into the malaise of today’s concerns, but more universal & timeless ones of us all.