One man Show.

I have3 Disciplines :

Digital Collage’ / Watercolors /  Shadow Boxes /Conceptualism:

Narrative,  Surrealism :    “It should emotionally inspire, physiologically, spiritually move you, and ultimately make you laugh when you understand.

Technically: Digital Collage is a combination of his original Photographs (  Mr. Strodl does not steal, appropriate as they learned to say ), this allows him to blow things up considerably with great quality later on when they are printed up too 5 feet on canvas. Then he starts the arduous task of cutting & masking. That is the Art of removing the one part he needs, seamlessly ( the maddening part ) and introducing it into another one while interacting. Strangely, this is very similar to old fashioned Printmaking as in etching, lithography or silk screening as he used to do back in his student days at the School Visual Arts. Yet they occupy different space and time, so these are not traditional photography as a document of a time, but Fiction where anything goes. 

What goes around, comes around.
“Ying Yang”
“We The People”
Fly Skelitor
“Death Of Innocence”
“Daddy Long Leggs”


Natural Water

Mr. Strodl has always greatly admired Watercolorists, from Singer Sargent to Jamie Wyeth, yet never thought he was good enough to do so. So for the past 20 years, he was studying them, yet never knew anything would become of it. Starting at age 61, these rapidly ended up being large, monumental. These are not your cute, little, dainty watercolors. Large, as in Chuck Close or as he is enamored by the scale of a wall. As said, “Art should hurt you ” these are quite simply spectacular commanding any large architectural space at over 6 feet in width, they work with the scale of a wall.

These are meant for creating large spaces.
Scale, “Hawk ” 44″ x 64″ Arches 150 lb. CP.
Robin' s arrows.
” Directions ” 22″ x 32″ Arches 150 lb. CP.
Layered Boy
“Hidden Layers”
“Doors & Windows” 81″ x 51″ Arches 150 lb. CP.
“Madam Butterfly”
“Jazz Man” 51″ x 71″ Arches 150 lb. cold press.

Maps : The Unseen – Seen 

The ancient Egyptians would make maps of the stars & universe on their walls, or on old parchment in the Pyramids to be found by their ancestors in their tombs later, a roadmap to the universe in the afterlife. So I thought I would make some maps of our Times, of our tomorrows to be left for us. These playful boxes, every one different, they are slightly interactive, to be touched and played with, too hold the universe in your hands. They are behind glass. Although there, you can’t really touch them, inaccessible, that you have to work at the magic in your life with these icons & symbols to work.

“Transitions &; Phases Over Time”
“Light & Dark”
“Equilateral Targets Sideswiping Shadows”
Easy Chair
“Transitions & Phases Over Time”
“Time Signatures Of Molecular Atoms”