Death Of The Businessman

“Incoming”, all sizes range from 22″x 30″ up to 40″x 60 ” Stretched on canvas, signed.

“Daddy Long Legs”

  • Much like in Arther Miller’s play, Death Of the Businessman, this tragic, ironic tale called life.

In this series, Mr. Strodl tackles the age-old problem whereas the youthful businessman is both hero in the beginning & schmuck to his family, and hated later on. Never quite good enough in life, he sells off all of his morality to lovingly provide for his family, becomes stuck in the game, yet his children resent him because he is never quite up to snuff, never that good at getting that age-old,”more”.
Simply put, he is worth more dead than alive to insurance companies.

No one realizes this until it is too late, where he is remembered oddly, as a hero in death.

“Monopoly man”
“The Thinker”

There is a visual logic that happens during the creation, this eye born sensibility that
takes over any logical or pre-mediated ones. It has its own language, its own precepts, its
own rules are long given up by others. It plays severely into Surrealism, or our physiological
confines, our references, our traumas, and victories silently above words, a very ripe
pallet for to days lost man. These are large, printed on canvas, and are not dainty little snapshots, but bold & striking.

“The Brood”

Behind the curtain :
These Surrealist pieces are as simple, as loud as our wants, our disease, our unrelenting need more. This never-ending tragedy is never understood until you are at the door, on the way out looking in.

“Exit Stage Right”
Mr. Strodl is an American Artist living & residing in New York City at 65 years, a late
bloomer as it was starting 5 years ago. A graduate of the School of Visual Arts in 78,
represented in Chelsea, NYC working in the tradition of printmaking, lithography &
Silk-screening ( Photoshop layers ) making separations is very much a part of this process.
Although begun in photography, the masking and end result is not.
Mr. Strodl is a survivor of his own addictions for the last 24 years, brought on by these exact same pitfalls.

Mr. Strodl is the youngest from a family of 5, used to hand me downs as we were poor. At 3 years old he received his 1st gift, to 2 coloring books. 6 hours later along with a migraine, he knew what he would become one day, although it would take 60 years to get there. Winner of Art in the Burros 3, competition for 750 other Artists, painters & sculptors.
He won representation to the Denise Bibro Fine Art gallery at 529 west 20th street, yet leads the humble life of an Artist in America.