Narrative /  Surrealism :    

Mr. Strodl creates this Surrealistic fantasy, a cunningly hidden portrayal of ourselves that we all seem to hide from. With our unconscious mind unleashed, our untamed dreams, our libido, infantile sexuality, and transference into other realms of being that we repress. In this world he creates this Dystopian horror, this Magritte ethereal surrealism, this Kafka like alienation, existential anxiety, guilt, and comic absurdity, that is our own. It is from this truth, there is freedom ! Political satire is never dead as long as we see from that which they try to hide from us all. It is the ability to laugh at ourselves & all of our foibles. So in the wonder & tradition of Daimler Homier, Man Ray, Joel Witkin, Magritte, & of coarse Dali.

Feel free to steal from me, as I believe, Art is for everyone.

“The Capitalist “
Long Legs
“Da Boyz”

“Make America Great Again”
Galery Openings
Dancing Face
Dancing Face
In the Dungon
Old Friends