Visions from the Other side: Watercolors

I have to be honest after dying once in my addiction, I fall in love about 5 times a day as I really do love people, it’s my thing. Yet these are not the star-studded pusses of the rich &  famous as in the Ricard Avadon that sparkles, of all we want to be, but the anonymous in all of us. The lost, forgotten, ordinary, that we are all more or less hidden Heros without a thrown.
Yet these later ones are quite large. My current size is over 6.75 feet across, so these are not your quaint, dainty little grandmother’s splashes.
“Directions” 22″x 30″
“IT babies” 22″ x 30″
Aunt Jemina
“Mothers” 22″ x 30″
I am so taken by woman’s caring face like my mother, so nurturing, giving, loving, honest in her expression, how can you not ? A man’s fearlessness, his strength, wisdom, & power. It’s all in the eyes, the lips at this instant, these immortal anonymous faces with that power or compassion that for me I find so consuming.

“Our Hidden Layers” 44″ x 56″
Indian Eyes
“Peacemaker” 44″ x 56″

Without the aid of genitalia to persuade us, it’s all in there wrinkles you can tell so much about them their character, are they good or bad ? So much deeper than Chuck Close, these are the people I would like to remember, almost if you will like, gods, pure souls, these angles on earth without much more to guide us other than their plain demeanor in this mural-size they are quite overwhelming as they should be. Hero’s!

“Profiling” 22″ x 32″
Straw Hat
“Straw Hat” 44″ x 64″
“Target” 44″ x 64″