Church Mothers,” Angels in Harlem”

         In the Black community of Harlem, in our urban cites all over this great country, there are more single, impoverished mothers secretly holding together our city than most of us would like to admit. They try to be completed normal families, but often it just isn’t realistic with the stereotypes, hidden bigotries, with never the same reasons for their children. With these negative movements of young black males finding a way to stay employed without the same opportunities, they have different dreams, impossible advancements,  unfortunate incarceration rates unrealistically high.

These women become the backbone of any last kind of moral stand that our society might have. Going unnoticed, all too often we miss all that they have built, all that they have given to us secretly wearing the pants, all that they have gone through as mothers unselfishly giving while also being poor, alone trying to keep their children out of prison before they ever get there, raising their families out of poverty with some kind of pride all the while having desperately, less.

So once a week they dress up to the nines where they celebrate with all the other unsung mothers who are going through the very same things, trying to hold it all together with these smiles, many times with the gift of Gospel music as their crunch where they have their 3 hours of respite singing at the top of their lungs from God Almighty taking them from their day to day reality to a place of salvation.

Sadly, it seems to be this part of society as these mothers are dying out.

This is the reflection 10 years later today in Brooklyn at the Carribean Fair, where they let their rebel side fly, their escapism.